Intelligence is a highly sought after and valuable service for our clients , our Market Intelligence team provides you a deep understanding of the competitors in the industry, how the competitors operate, and provides information that can have a direct impact on your own business model and structure.

1. Gain insight on competitor structures and reporting lines
2. Identification of key individuals and their responsibilities
3. To identify core compensation and benefits packages
4. Industry Salary Surveys

Using the Search methodology our Executive Search Consultants are able to identify competitor and comparative business talent, and from there engage with individuals in the market place to uncover data not generally in the public domain, to generate a report for our client that can be used for key decision making. The report will always include details of key management structures and key people from the competition that allows fast deployment of a direct search should the need arise. Using the Executive Search methodology we can identify a suitable shortlist to benchmark internal talent against, thus ensuring that our clients have the “best in class” talent to lead their company through challenging times.