Our Software project implementation/training team delivers on Demantra and Oracle Supply Chain project implementation and Training, Remote or Onsite Tech SUpport on Oracle Suppy Chain/Value Chain Modules.

Overview of Oracle Demantra :-
Understanding the Oracle Advanced Planning Solution
Key Capabilities of Oracle Demantra
Key Elements of an Oracle Demantra Solution

Implementation Considerations :-
Steps in the Implementation Roadmap
Architecture Considerations

The Collaborator Workbench and Worksheets :-
Understanding the Collaborator Workbench
Understanding Worksheets
Understanding Ownership and Maintenance of Data

Filters, Open With, and Embedded Worksheets:-
Understanding Embedded Worksheets
Worksheet Filters
Using Open and Open With

The Demantra Data Model:-
Data Storage
Core Demantra Tables
The Data Model Wizard

Introduction To Levels:-
Level Types
Level Hierarchies
Level Attributes
Understanding the Level Editor

Working With Series :-
Understanding Series
Server Expressions
Client Expressions
Understanding the Series Editor
Aggregating Data
Disaggregating Data

Workflows and Methods :-
Understanding Workflows
Understanding the Workflow Manager
Understanding Methods

Importing And Exporting Data :-
Understanding the Integration Interface Wizard
Understanding the Import File Tool

Importing And Exporting Data :-
Understanding Analytics
Understanding Forecast Models

Using The Business Modeler :-
Working With Users and Groups
Configuring System Parameters

Understanding Demand Management :-
Understanding Demand Driven Adaptive Planning
Understanding Where Demand Management Fits and Interacts With the Oracle Value Chain Planning Solution
Understanding the Elements of the Demantra Solution
Understanding the Demand Management Process

Understanding Forecast Accuracy and Exceptions :-
Analyzing the Forecast Accuracy in Worksheets
Setting Exception Filtering
Running Exception Filtering
Understanding Workflows
Understanding a Sample Exception Workflow

Understanding Forecasting :-
Understanding the Role of Forecasting in Demand Planning
Understanding the Differences Between Batch and Simulation Engines
Adjusting a Forecast and Running Simulations to Perform What-if Modeling
Adding Notes to Combinations/Levels in a Worksheet
Reviewing a Worksheet Audit Trail
Sharing the Forecast with Other Users
Approving the Forecast

Using Configure to Order :-
Describing What Configure to Order (CTO) Is and How it Fits Within the Oracle VCP Product Line Understanding the CTO Forecasting Process
Understanding the Demantra CTO Worksheets, Series and Levels
Changing Demand in a CTO Worksheet and Generating Forecasts[/fusion_text]